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EasyRecycling is a collection service aimed to reduce the amount of recyclable items that end up in black council bins - which in South Africa is estimated to be more than 80%.  Our greater aim is to help reduce waste and increase the sustainability of the environment.



Sustainability should be a way of life and everyone CAN make a difference.


EasyRecycling collects recycling weekly and the areas we presently cover are Constantia, Bergvliet, Meadowridge, Kreupelbosch, Kirstenhof, Plumstead, Diep River, Tokai and Lakeside.  


We provide a bag for you each week and NO SORTING is required.  It is important though to rinse as necessary.  For cardboard, please flatten and fold - this can be placed under your bag for collection purposes.  Please also squeeze and flatten plastic bottles in your main recycling.  


Please submit sign up form and email proof of payment (using your address as your reference) in order to be added to our collection list.  



R100 per month

R500 for 6 months (Pay for 5 months and get 1 month FREE)





Paper & Cardboard

Plastic & Polystyrene



Aluminium & Cans



Waxed and Foiled Paper and Cardboard

Cling Film & Florist Wrap

Disposable Nappies

Heavy Glass

Paint & Motor Oil Containers

Why Recycle

Preserving Our Earth


Let Us start making a difference before it’s too late!
Let Us start making a difference before it’s too late!